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Freestanding Window Display SystemFreestanding Window Display SystemReady To Order KitsReady To Order KitsMoving Display KitsMoving Display KitsSuspended Shelving KitsSuspended Shelving KitsDigital Display KitsDigital Display KitsHook-on KitsHook-on KitsDigital Displays Ultra-slim LCD ScreensDigital Displays Ultra-slim LCD ScreensBox Digital ScreensBox Digital ScreensCold Cathode Light BoxesCold Cathode Light BoxesSample Screens And Light BoxesSample Screens And Light BoxesAcrylic Pockets And Poster HoldersAcrylic Pockets And Poster HoldersFramed Poster HoldersFramed Poster HoldersLeaflet DispensersLeaflet Dispensers1.5mm Cable Display System1.5mm Cable Display System3mm Cable Display System3mm Cable Display SystemSuspended Garment Rail KitsSuspended Garment Rail KitsIndividual PocketsIndividual Pockets3mm Rod Kits3mm Rod Kits10mm Freestanding Rod Kits10mm Freestanding Rod KitsSuction Poster KitsSuction Poster KitsSuspended Dispenser KitsSuspended Dispenser Kits6mm Rod Components6mm Rod ComponentsLED Light Pocket KitsLED Light Pocket KitsYou are currently viewing ranges relevant to Shoe Shops.
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Freestyle - Freestanding Kits 1 x A1 pocketFreestyle - Freestanding Kits 1 x A1 pocket

Freestanding unit with a single A1 easy access acrylic pocket - ideal for use in retail outlets, banks, estate agents, museums, reception areas, exhibition stands and information points. Choose from a round or a flat profile. The units are supplied complete with self assembly instructions, 2 x quick fit cables, 1 x A1 acrylic pocket and 4 x CG03 clamps. Add a leaflet dispenser under the pocket to increase the impact of the display. Dimensions: round profile 1980mm high, flat profile 1900mm high, both profiles 850mm wide with 330mm diameter circular feet. Materials: Profile: Silver aluminum. A1 Pocket: 3mm thick acrylic with polished edges. Cables: Galvanised steel. Clamps: Brass with satin chrome finish. Quantity discounts available. We will not be beaten on price, service or quality. ...

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15 and 20 inch Box LCD Digital Screens15 and 20 inch Box LCD Digital Screens

The ultimate support for your point of purchase campaign! The Box Digital Screens are extremely versatile - just plug the unit into the mains and play. Box Digital Screens can be housed in standard or custom modular metal and/or glass promotional and display units. Key Features: - Completely standalone units requiring no peripherals and only one cable (for power) - Easy operation with a range of advanced playback functions including Jpeg slide shows and MP3/Jpeg combinations activated via remote control - Solid state operation with no moving parts and a high level of reliability - Hi-bright, wide-view LCD panels - AR tempered glass as standard - Play Jpegs, Mpeg 1 & 2, MP3 - Compact Flash Type I and II storage - Optional internal 2.5" hard drive - Built in USB2.0 for fast file downloads from PC - 2 x 5 watt speakers...

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Easy Access Acrylic Pocket - Landscape.Easy Access Acrylic Pocket - Landscape.

Quick and easy to change your display - simply slide posters in and out. Material: 3mm thick (A4 & A5 2mm thick) clear acrylic with polished edges. Display centres: A5: cable centre 244mm, rod centre 248mm. A4: cable centre 331mm, rod centre 335mm. A3: cable centre 454mm, rod centre 458mm. A2: cable centre 628mm, rod centre 632mm. A1: cable centre 875mm, rod centre 879mm. A1 and A2 are supplied with top clips as standard. Remember to order the correct panel clamps with your acrylic pockets. ...

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4m Ceiling / Floor Cable4m Ceiling / Floor Cable

4m long cable supplied complete with ceiling to floor fixings. The spring-loaded tensioner keeps the cable taut and looking its best at all times. The cable is made of galvanised steel, which means it will not fray, kink or mark easily. The top of the cable has a special copper crimp to hold it securely - thus reducing the margin for human error. Dimensions: top fixing 16mm diameter, bottom fixing 15mm diameter. Fixings take up to no.10 screw. Material: brass fixings, galvanised steel cable. Weight loading: 120kg maximum (subject to fixing). Click here to view a full image of this product ...

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Single Hanging Rail with ShelfSingle Hanging Rail with Shelf

Single hanging rail kit with shelf on ceiling to floor cables. Ideal for suspending clothing and large banners. Supplied with 25mm hanging rails, (618mmlong, height fully adjustable) and 4m cables. Subject to our flat-rate delivery charge of £12.50 (UK mainland only)...

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Suction Poster Kit with 2 x A3 PocketsSuction Poster Kit with 2 x A3 Pockets

A highly economical solution to create powerful window and internal displays that are held in position with suction pads!. No installation required - just assemble and fix into position! Kit contains: 2 x A3 acrylic pockets 2 x rods 4 x clear suction pads Supports Full instructions All prices are subject to a flat rate delivery charge of £12.50 (UK mainland only) ...

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Ceiling to Floor Kit with 3 x A4 Single DispensersCeiling to Floor Kit with 3 x A4 Single Dispensers

Complete display kit - excellent value! Perfect for retail and exhibition displays. Quick and easy to order, set-up and maintain. Supplied with full assembly instructions. Installation service available. Kit includes: 2 x 4m galvanised steel cables 2 x floor and 2 x ceiling fixings 3 x A4 acrylic dispensers 12 x brass panel clamps with satin chrome finish Allen keys Additional tools required: Wire cutters for altering cable length Distance between cables = 244mm All prices are subject to a flat rate delivery charge of £12.50 (UK mainland only) ...

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3 x A4 Pocket Poster Kit3 x A4 Pocket Poster Kit

3mm Rod A4 Poster Kit For displays that are suspended from the top, this floating option allows information to be changed easily. Can be fitted to any wall or ceiling! Ideal for awkward windows. Supplied with 2 x 2m rods and 3 x A4 acrylic pockets. Subject to our flat-rate delivery charge of £12.50 (UK mainland only) ...

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3 x A4 LED Light Pocket Kit3 x A4 LED Light Pocket Kit

Key benefits of illuminated poster kits: •Incredibly slim display - light box width is only 14mm thick so can be presented in any window or interior without taking up a lot of floor space. •Intrigue - The Light Pocket has an edge lit glow that creates intrigue and draws the eye from a distance to the illuminated poster display. •Appearance - The illuminated poster display has a very upmarket appearance yet is competitively priced. •Even spread of light - The LED light box presents an even spread of light, no dark shadows appear ensuring that your graphic is crisp and punchy. •Bright light - LED lighting is used which is extremely bright. Using this type of display lighting grabs the attention of passers-by. Ideal for lighting up dark areas/corridors. •Maintenance free - lamp life is between 60-100,000 hours - no need to change lamps or tubes, saving time and money. •Energy efficient & economical - The illuminated posters uses a fraction of electricity compared with standard ...

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A1 Portrait Or Landscape Ceiling To Floor KitA1 Portrait Or Landscape Ceiling To Floor Kit

Ideal for posters or literature. Easily interchangeable. The Kit consists of: 1 x A1 clear acrylic pocket(portrait or landscape - both shown). 2 x 4m long cables. Fixtures for ceiling to floor-mounting included. 4 x Satin chrome panel clamps. Cable centres: Portrait 628mm. Extra easy access acrylic pockets available. We offer a discount per Kit for order of 3 Kits and above. All prices shown are price per Kit! Select the system which best suits your needs. The Kit is used for installations from ceiling to floor, or within a window frame. All kits come with installation instructions. The heights & widths shown below are the minimum recommended for the display to fit into. The spacing between the poster holders can be set to accommodate higher windows: Portrait 1046mm High x 624mm Wide. Landscape 799mm High x 871mm Wide....

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Ceiling/Floor Shelving Kit A1 Narrow Shelves x 2 HighCeiling/Floor Shelving Kit A1 Narrow Shelves x 2 High

Ceiling to floor shelving kit with 4m long cables complete with top/bottom fixings, 2 x A1 narrow drilled and slotted glass shelves and 8 x CS01 supports in satin chrome. Position shelves at any height, use in the window or interior to create a stylish display. Increase the effectiveness by adding low-voltage lighting, acrylic poster pockets and leaflet dispensers. Quick and easy way to order a display, supplied with full assembly instructions plus free allen keys. Cable can be cut to length using wirecutters. Materials: A1 Narrow Shelves: 6mm thick toughened safety glass. CS01 Supports: Brass with satin chrome finish. Cables: Galvanised steel....

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17 inch Digital Display Screen Kit17 inch Digital Display Screen Kit

Grab the attention of passers-by with Digital Screen Kits. A truly cost effective way to present digital media! This Kit comprises of one single sided 17" digital screen. Supplied with 6mm rods, fixings, and transformer. Supplied with everything you need for installation. The kit includes: DIGITAL SCREEN Ultra slim 53mm deep screen simply clips onto rod system 17" LCD screen Compact demo card & instructions on how to load information 60 watts/12 volt Kits also includes 2 x 3 metre long 6mm diameter rods with top and bottom fittings, 4 x RS03 supports (to connect the Digital Screen to the rods), top and bottom isolators, 2 x RS08 power connectors, and 1 x 100 watt transformer. Width of display 544mm. Installation must be carried out by a qualified installer. Save time - let us install it for you. Request a quotation. Subject to our flat-rate delivery charge of £12.50 (UK mainland only) (Decorative surround shown in image to the left is avaliable ...

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